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Face Painting for all ages.                           

     When planning your next party or event let Arts on the Beach Face Painting help you make it a memorable one by transforming your guests into wonderful works of art.  The magic begins when the brush touches the face and your guests are transformed into butterflies, sparkling fairies, cats, super heroes, princesses or loveable puppies; the possibilities are endless.

We would love to bring our talent to your next party or event.


     Teens and adults love to join in the face painting fun, so don't forget them when you plan your next party or event. Most designs take between 5-8 minutes to complete. We're quick when it comes to excited children. We can accomodate 10-15 guests per hour per painter.


     We use only the best water based, professional face paints.  All the ingredients in these products comply with FDA regulations and are safe and gentle to use on the skin.  These products are easily washed off with warm water and mild soap.

Arts on the Beach
Face Painting
Prices starting at $95
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